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Uthama Puthiran Tamil movie is a forthcoming Indian Tamil film directed by Mithran Jawahar.'Uthama Puthiran' is the Tamil remake of telugu blockbuster 'Ready' stars Dhanush and Genelia D’Souza, reprising her role from the original version, in the lead Uthamaputhiran Film The supporting cast includes K. Bhagyaraj, Vivek, Karunas and R. Sundarrajan among others. The film, currently in its production stage, is expected to release by early 2011.Story-Uthama-puthiran:

This love story is one of its kind as it begins due to a huge drastic mistake. One of Chandu’s friend falls in love, but the girl’s father arranges her marriage with another person. Hence Chandu decides to abduct the bride from the marriage hall.

But Chandu’s friends end up kidnapping another bride, Pooja. Then Pooja and Chandu fall in love and the rest as they say is history. The rest of the story revolves around Chandu’s efforts to convince Pooja’s family to accept their love. dhanush-genelia-uthama-puthiran-stills, uthama-puthiran-movie-stills, Uthama-puthiran pictures, Uthamaputhiran Stills, Uthama-puthiran-dhanush-genelia galleries available here.

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